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Foreign Exchange


Complete set of foreign exchange services to help you navigate the global economic environment with confidence.


Personalized attention from our experts for support and operation

Real-time quotes through our electronic platform (New Channel) / Telephone

Quick, safe, and simple operations in Mexican Pesos and/or US Dollars

Operations agreement directly on our FX platform

Same day settlement

FX Platform

Our currency exchange platform allows you to make currency exchanges securely directly on the web and in real time.


Reduce transaction time by settling through national or international bank transfer
Get preferential prices for your FX transactions
Set up individual user accounts and provide access to specific functions according to the responsibilities of your staff.

Foreign Currencies have a great commercial strength that intervene in the economic activities of other countries, in the view of this, many legal entities carry out transactions for Buying or Selling currencies to convert the National Currency to a Foreign by settling a price for each transaction.


Exchange rates fluctuate significantly throughout the day, you acknowledge and accept all risks arising from such fluctuations. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

If you are interested, leave us your information here:

Contract Requirements

  • You must be an account holder of Banco Shinhan Mexico
  • Only Corporate Entities

Frequently Asked Questions

At what time can I carry out currency buying and selling operations?

From Monday to Friday, from 08:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs.

Are there any dollar amount restrictions I can change?

No, there is no amount restriction for Foreign Exchange.

Can I make transactions with dollars in cash?

No, only electronic transfers denominated in national currency or US dollars are handled.

What kind of exchange rates do we handle?

Standard exchange rate is handled for operations within the electronic platform and preferential exchange rate quotation by contacting Shinhan Bank directly.

Other question? No problem.


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