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Group introduction

Shinhan Financial Group is a financial holding company, founded in September 22 of 2001 with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Its subsidiaries provide a full range of financial service, including banking, securities, life insurance, and investment banking. it is one of Korea’s big 5 financial group.

Shinhan Bank

Shinhan Card

Shinhan Securities

Shinhan Life

Shinhan Capital

Shinhan Asset Management

Jeju Bank

Shinhan Savings Bank

Shinhan Asset Trust

Shinhan DS

Shinhan Fund Partners

Shinhan REITs Management

Shinhan AI

Shinhan Venture Investment

Shinhan EZ General Insurance

Group ESG

In order to enhance the convenience of stakeholders, Shinhan Financial Group has organized the major sustainability management activities in terms of Environment, Social, and Governance, that is, ESG, at a glance.


Establishment of a green finance system for zero carbon

The Earth is sick with fever.

Against a global warming spreading fast and wide, Shinhan’s steps also are picking up speed.

From such small steps as replacing paper cups with tumblers to such bold moves for transformation into an eco-friendly company, Shinhan joins your efforts to keep the Earth healthy.


Innovative/inclusive finance to support society, and creative open corporate culture.

A brave step forward is what it takes for the seed of innovation to sprout. An idea never imagined before can lead to an ecosystem of an industry.

Finance provides soil and nutrients for the growth of those who relentlessly challenge themselves to create a better world. Until a day those brave challengers become a main agent of innovation for growth, Shinhan stands with Korean unicorns taking on global challenges.


Systematization of governance and leadership, and strengthened principles for ethics and compliance.

How would we change in a fair world?

Shinhan confirms answers from the inside.

To have employees take on challenges and unlock their full potential in an equal-opportunity workplace, and to have its culture of diversity and inclusion lead to inclusive finance for all, Shinhan changes first, from the inside.


Av. P.º de la Reforma 250, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Contact Shinhan: (55) 6722-8000

Inquiry Condusef: 800 999 8080 y 55 53400999