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Bureau of Financial Institutions

What is the Bureau of Financial Institutions?

It is a consultation and dissemination tool with which you can know the PRODUCTS offered by financial institutions, their commissions and fees, user claims, unhealthy practices incurred, administrative sanctions imposed on them, abusive clauses of their contracts and other information that is relevant to inform you about their performance.

With the Bureau of Financial Institutions, it will be possible to know who is who in banks, insurance, multipurpose financial companies, savings banks, afores, among other entities.

With this, you will be able to compare and evaluate financial institutions, their products, and services, and you will have more elements to choose what suits you best.

This information will be useful to select a financial PRODUCTS and also to know about them.

The foregoing may lead to greater social welfare, because by combining in a single space such diverse information of the financial system, the user will have more elements to optimize their budget, to improve their personal finances, to correctly use the credits that will strengthen their economy and obtain the insurance that protects it, among other aspects.

Want to know more?

To know the information of the entire sector to which these entities correspond, you can access the internet portal of the Bureau of Financial Institutions

Check the information of the institutions here:


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